The clothe experienceBe-free-with-fashion

Clothes have been everywhere; to school, business meetings, sport events, the ocean, the sky, space etc. Which means we have created these experiences. Every new height we achieve in life and everywhere we go clothes follow, it has not only become something we wear, but an extension of who we are. At this point we can honestly say we love our clothes.

ART of loving clothes

Now when I say art I don’t mean walking down the street looking like a piece of art, with the clothes you love to where. When I say art I mean the application of what we do with clothes, when we are not wearing them.

We wash our clothes, stitch them when damaged (giving them to grandma or cleaners), fold them, decorate them etc. These are acquired skills, that really shows how much we care and love our clothes. We even go through lengths of paying for them with hard-earned money we just busted are buts for, if that’s not love then I’m a monkey’s uncle.

Be yourself with fashion

Clothes come in so many colors, shapes and sizes. Its hard not to find something that pertains to your personality and what you represent; you have sites that actually allow you to create your own clothing: In return your able to be yourself with fashion its like reciprocity (the practice of exchanging things for mutual benefit) in a way.

When you walk out that door after dressing in the mirror for 30mins trying to get that right fit, always be confident that you made the right choice for yourself and that nobody had a say so towards what you are wearing (unless your married depends)

How to chose your fashion

Choose your own fashion, don’t let anyone tell you how to chose your fashion. When you accept someones clothing opinion you accept their clothing style; there’s nothing unique about that.

Your clothes are the first things that people see when you walk by, people even treat you different based off your clothes, overall you leave an impact either way, for example: Michael Jordan who signed a deal with Nike and later on made his own brand “Jordans” which the NBA in the beginning banned but he wore them anyway and it costed him a whopping 5,000 per game (back then that was a lot). Look at the impact it made; we can talk about that for years.

When choosing your fashion, just be yourself. Don’t care about what anybody else thinks because people will think regardless of what you wear and do.