Product: The North Face Arctic Down Winter Jacket

Price: $298.95 Worth it? Let’s find out

Sizes: From X-Small up to X-Large

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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The North Face Arctic Winter Jacket For Women

Just the title “The North Face” tells it all, they make some popular and highly recommended clothing products, but is it worth the buy? Here are some pros North Face makes some really good products their name has earned some nice credibility and they are always geared towards making their customers happy.

it’s a medium weighted jacket which is good for mobility in winter, it keeps you warm during those windy snow storms and dog walks, it’s stylish so you won’t look like a sleeping bag, and it will last long.

The material: nylon and DryVent fabric on exterior with thermal 550 filling down the insulation which gives you that defense against those winter beatings. It’s a great jacket.

This North Face Parka’s BIGGEST!!! flaw

It has a tight fit on the waist so you want to be careful while ordering, If you have a wide waist or a wide frame I would suggest ordering a size bigger, after doing some research that was the main concern, a little concern on price.

When shopping I think of what foundation I would like have, the three little pigs for example: the first pig being straw the second sticks and the third brick. I choose the third every time even though he had to pay and do a little more, it was worth it in the long run (the wolf couldn’t blow his house down).

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