The connection

When we first were introduced to clothes as kids, most of us looked at them as things that got us dirty when we played outside, kept us warm, and mom cleans in the laundry every week. Oh and when Christmas came if clothes were in one of those boxes the opening act would be a big…MEHHH, because the first things that cross our minds are: “where are my toys and electronics”. Then after realizing that could hurt feelings, we faked liked we liked the clothes, then time went on….

The realization

… The thing is, is we loved our clothes we just didn’t realize it at the time. Events started to appear at school, friend’s parties, party buses, banquets etc. man oh man having a fresh cut (for women having their hair done) and some fresh clothes that’s all we needed and money of course. The cool thing about our style is that it not only made us look fresh but exuded our confidence and personality.

The principle

The principle behind our clothes is simple, we need them; cant be around here naked running through the city. People and businesses will treat you different based on your attire, because it’s the foundation of an interaction between individuals. So next time you walk out the door don’t forget your foundation.