Product: Stacy Adams Granger Wingtip Lace Boot

Price: $105

Sizes: 7 to 13

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Stacy Adams Granger Wingtip Lace Boot


Stacy Adams the name speaks for itself, I call it the Cadillac of dress shoes smooth but powerful. Founded in 1875 made and Still makes a big impact on the shoe world we see today.

Stacy Adams Granger Boots are Hot this winter, coming through melting the ice with it’s sleek and rugged design will definitely leave you awe.

Keeping that professional or casual look all through not just the winter but all seasons. This stylish boot has warm soft memory foam soles for that cold winter chill, and it has breathable leather linings to keep your foot from sweating.

The Granger Is a boot made with real leather so it’s going to last long. Whenever I’m buying a shoe I look for durability, comfort, is it reliable and are the materials genuine; from doing an overview of the Granger it has that and more: Pimping is easy (stated by a reviewer thought it was very funny).


The only con hear is your going to have a hard time with putting it on, so give your self some time you may have to untie the laces but in the end it’s worth it for a good shoe with a great brand.

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