Product: Winter Fleece Hoodies

Price: $25.99

Sizes: Small to XL

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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Women’s Fleece Hoodie Review


This is going to be one of the best go to hoodies for YOU, Ladies. This Fleece hoodie is composed of high quality cotton and polyester which means it’s going to be very very soft to the touch and feel, it keeps you warm through the winter picture sipping hot cocoa by the fire place (talking about relaxing).

It comes with pockets so when your chilling listening to music you have a place to rest your hands and phone, comes in 3 colors beige, brown, and khaki (basically like a light brown), if you have a cuddle buddy they are going to be complimenting on how soft it is all day so it really sets the vibe, Netflix and chill baby!!. It’s a very likable Cozy hoodie a lot of women are enjoying it. Join the fun!